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Greek F&B Roadshow | Next stop: Warsaw 

Thank you, Poland!

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Successful Second Greek F&B Roadshow 
Takes Warsaw by Storm

Following the resounding success of the inaugural Greek F&B Roadshow in Malta, ManaGi, in collaboration with the Greek Embassy in Warsaw, proudly announces the triumphant execution of its second event in the heart of Poland's capital city.


Held on 23/11/23, the Greek F&B Roadshow once again showcased the rich tapestry of Greek food, Beverages, and Natural Cosmetics to an eager audience in Warsaw. This event marks another milestone in ManaGi's mission to elevate Greek products on the global stage.
The strategic vision behind the Greek F&B Roadshow is positioning Greek quality food, beverages, and natural cosmetics prominently on the global market. This initiative involves a series of targeted events in collaboration with local embassies, providing a platform for engagement between Greek producers and international stakeholders such as food and beverage importers, distributors, supermarkets, beverage stores, grocery stores, delicatessens, wholesalers, hotels, restaurants, and caterers.


The product presentation and tasting event in Warsaw, introduced by Ambassador Niki Kamba, unfolded at Leonardo Royal Hotel, drawing a diverse crowd, including potential importers and enthusiastic visitors. The event garnered positive feedback and further solidified ManaGi's presence in the Polish market.


With Poland's dynamic economy and culinary landscape, ManaGi identified a strategic opportunity to introduce Greek products to a receptive audience. The Greek F&B Roadshow in Warsaw attracted representatives from 120 production companies, offering them a unique chance to showcase their products and establish connections with potential customers in Poland.


ManaGi's commitment to fostering international partnerships was evident in its successful engagement with local importers and distributors. The products that resonated the most with the Polish audience included Greek wines, olive oil, and olives, showcasing the diverse and high-quality offerings from Greek producers.


Expressing gratitude for the positive response, ManaGi extends heartfelt thanks to the participating producers, importers, and the Greek Embassy in Warsaw for their unwavering support. Ambassador Niki Kamba, and Ms. Sofia Mpagatela, Head of the Commercial and Economic Office, played a pivotal role in championing the initiative and contributing to the event's success. Additionally, ManaGi acknowledges the collaborative efforts of Leonardo Royal Hotel for providing exceptional services.


The success of the Greek F&B Roadshow in Warsaw sets the stage for future events, as ManaGi continues to expand its reach and promote Greek excellence globally. Stay tuned for updates on the next stop as ManaGi remains dedicated to showcasing the world's best Greek gastronomy and natural products.


You can get a taste of the 1st Greek F&B Roadshow | Next stop: Malta here.

A few words about ManaGi


ManaGi is the first Greek company that provides a full range of services to Greek producers. Essentially, it functions as the "Outsourced Exports Department" for its network of partner-producers. This means that ManaGi undertakes all the necessary actions for their products to be exported. These actions include sales, promotion, advertising, branding, packaging design, and, of course, handling the entire export process.

At the same time, ManaGi is the first Greek company to provide a full range of one-stop services to international buyers. This means that it takes care of the physical and logistical groupage of products, export document issuance, logistics services, quality control, private label design, label modification and translation, as well as flexible payment methods, managing multiple suppliers, and providing after-sales and marketing support.

For a glimpse of the Greek F&B Roadshow in Warsaw, click here.

Stay tuned for the next stop on this culinary journey!

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